The Sea has brought us a gift on the high tide – washed up from the depths, a trail has formed leading from the Village to the Sea that invites you to discover this inbetween space where land and water overlap.

Follow the route of the tides and discover the questions the Sea wants to ask us. Create your own adventure, find all 4 boxes and uncover the mysteries of this magical landscape, where the balance between land and water is always shifting.

The time you can discover and remain here is dictated by the Sea- she reveals and takes away, and nips at your toes when you overstay your welcome.

Follow the map to find the boxes: Try your hand at geocaching using the co-ordinates posted below and on the map, or navigate via the photo and 3-word clues. Don’t forget to add your voice to the finders books and answer the question the Sea has left us in each box.

STONE.MYNEDFA.LEONARD N51.5788702, W2.8308795
DIP.GWYLI.REEN N51.5755866, W2.8270272
ALLIGATOR.CYNEFIN.MEADOW N51.5737800, W2.8310609
BARRIER.MOR.BEHIND N51.5581871, W2.8152701

Accessible every day during daylight hours until 20th October

Please take care whilst out and about in the landscape- boxes will be located in easy to reach areas on or very close to public footpaths, and there will be no need to dig or disturb the environment, but you will have to look closely! The box locations are away from roads, however the trail does include some quiet lanes and road crossings where there may be some traffic.

Please leave the boxes exactly as you found them, so everyone can enjoy the trail. You can report any problems with the trail to

If you have any access queries about the trail please contact us so we give you the best advice for your bespoke needs.