Join us for a year-long programme of creative events to explore our relationship with land and sea.

Summer Programme

“What is this Lighthouse doing here?”

The Riverfront, Newport, Tuesday 26th July , 6pm – 7:30pm

Join us for a talk and discussion hosted by artists Alison Neighbour and Vikram Iyengar and marine social scientist Dr Emma McKinley. We’ll find out why this Lighthouse has arrived in Newport and discover its connections to a community on the other side of the world in the Indian Sundarbans; our tidal twins. 


Magor Marsh, Wednesday 27th July, 10-4.30pm

Join our international exchange with a community on Sagar Island in the Sundarbans. This workshop is a chance to unwrap gifts created during a parallel workshop on Sagar, and to create gifts to send back. We’ll also walk to the seawall and discover new ways of mapping the landscape and how we relate to it. This is the beginning of a series of remotely facilitated creative conversations and gift exchanges between Wales and Sagar that will take place during August and September, and we ask participants to commit to taking part in those conversations for an hour or two each fortnight. To find out more and to book a place please email – this activity is suitable for anyone aged 10 or over and we’re particularly interested to meet those aged 10-25.

Picnic at the Lighthouse

Magor Marsh, Thursday 28th July 1pm – 4:30pm

Come down to the Lighthouse at Magor Marsh to meet the artists and scientist behind the project for a family day and picnic (cake and tea provided, feel free to bring savoury snacks). 

Step inside our Open Studio to find out more about the project and take part in a creative mapping activity, make a paper boat to sail into the future, and collect your limited edition Expedition cards for a fun landscape-based adventure. 

You can also be the first to try out our brand new Discovery Trail that will lead you from the Village to the Sea. Can you find all the tins that have washed up on the high tide and uncover their secrets?

The picnic and activities run concurrently so you can drop-in throughout the afternoon, no booking needed.

Sunset/Rising Tide Walk

Magor Marsh, Thursday 28th July, 7pm – 9pm 

Join artist Alison Neighbour and marine social scientist Dr Emma McKinley to explore the past, present and future intertidal zones of the Gwent Levels as we take a gentle walk from the Lighthouse at Magor Marsh to the Sea, where we’ll greet the rising tide as the sun sets. Along the way we’ll make stops for creative activities and share stories about the Land and Sea and how they meet in this place.

The walk is approximately 4km on mostly flat terrain with no stiles or gates. We encourage you to bring sketchbooks, cameras, sound recorders or other means to record your experience of the walk if you would like to.

Self-Guided Activities

The programme continues with self-guided activity that you can take part in whenever and wherever you like – suitable for all ages and abilities.

Check out our Expeditions page where you’ll find downloadable postcards to guide you on your own adventures in the landscape. Let us know how you get on, and tag us on social media with #futurecoastpath

Lighthouse Keepers Window, The Riverfront, Newport, From 26th July

Check out the Lighthouse Keepers Window at the Riverfront – add your voice to our window to tell us about your relationship to the Sea and help us imagine what the future could bring.

Village to Shore Discovery Trail, Magor, from 28th July until early September during daylight hours

The Sea has brought us a gift on the high tide – washed up from the depths, a trail has formed leading from the Village to the Sea and inviting us to discover this in-between space where land and water overlap. Follow the route of the tides and discover the questions the Sea wants to ask us. Create your own adventure, find all 4 boxes and uncover the mysteries of this magical landscape, where the balance between land and water is always shifting. Don’t forget to add your voice to the finders books in each box.  Map available at Magor Marsh.


Autumn Programme

11th September. High Tide walk to meet the highest tide of 2022 at early morning and moonlight in Newport and Magor.

19th-23rd October. Closing events, including a light procession from the coast to the Lighthouses as we batten down the hatches before the winter storms.

All events and activities are free. Everyone welcome, with plenty of opportunities to get involved throughout the year.

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