Inter/Tidal took place on Sagar Island in the Bay of Bengal, in association with Kolkata based arts company Ranan and funded by Wales Arts International. It built a personal connection between the two communities linked by the Lighthouses and their tidal data streams.

Workshops took place on Sagar in July 2022 with students from the island, where they explored their intertidal zone, a space that is rapidly shrinking as the island is eroded by rising sea levels. For these young people, climate change is a normal part of their lives, they adapt and make the best of what little they have, and enjoy their local festivals and family life. For many, this was their first visit to the seawall that holds back the ocean from their villages. They created gifts for us here in Wales, which were exchanged with residents of the Gwent Levels as the beginning of a two month creative conversation between the two communities where we shared photographs, knowledge and stories. In October 2022 the project concluded with lantern processions in both countries- carrying the lights inland to mark the passage of future tides.

Our Guidebook Vol 2: Where Gangasagar Meets Môr Hafren documents this exchange and will be available from early March.

You can also view this film made by the creative team who visited Sagar – Prarthana Hazra, Amlan Chaudhuri, Kunal Chakraborty, Debashree Bhattacharya & Vikram Iyengar.