Have you seen the Lighthouses?

Our Lighthouses appeared at Magor Marsh and Newport Riverfront Arts Centre during 2022. They are now located at Newport Wetlands RSPB Reserve and in Langport Village, on the river path. Why not pay them a visit?

Each lighthouse sits on possible future intertidal space, warning us about the changes that may come as the fragile relationship between land and water shifts. 

The lighthouses link to live tidal data from the Bay of Bengal, connecting us on the Severn Estuary to our tidal twins across the world, where coping with sea level rise is already a day to day reality. When the tide is rising in Bengal our lights here will flash a warning wave pattern about their present risk and our future. If you see the pattern change to an SOS message, this means that the community in Bengal is at risk from a storm surge. 

The land on which we stand is as fluid as the tides.

There are no instructions for the future:

What happens next is up to all of us.